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Neuro Testing

Electrodiagnostic Services

EEG: This “Brain Wave” Test has been used for decades to assess epilepsy, confusion, and mass lesions in the head.  The study requires clean hair and scalp and takes approximately 90 minutes of the patients time to complete.  Patients should be sleep deprived if epilepsy is a consideration.

24 Hour EEG: BRAIN offers the only 24 Hour EEG services in Berrien County.  Responsible patients are sent home after being wired for EEG testing and the device is brought back the following day to be unloaded and read.  Please allow 1 week for interpretation.

EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies: This test of the peripheral nervous system assesses nerve and muscle damage.

Visual Evoked Potentials: Noninvasive study of the visual pathways from the eye to the occipital lobe.  The study is performed by attaching wires to the scalp and having the patient look at a monitor with flashing checkerboard pattern.

Auditory Evoked Potentials: This study assesses problems along the auditory pathways and brainstem.

Somatosensory Evoked Potentials: These studies assess for sensory changes from the distal upper or lower extremities, through the root entry zones, along the spinal pathways and through the brain.  Patients should be sedated to assure minimal muscle artifact.  The study has limited value in obese patients.