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BRAIN Policies

BRAIN Policies

Payment Policy: It is customary to render payment at the time of service. We gladly submit your insurance claim for you as a courtesy. The staff can immediately tell you the amount of your copay or deductible if applicable. If the insurance company does not pay, the balance of the bill will be your responsibility. Any overpayments will be refunded. Questions should be referred to Ray or Deborah.

No Show Policy: Patients should cancel an appointment if they cannot make it more than 24 hours in advance. This allows the opportunity for others to be scheduled who are waiting to be seen. BRAIN will bill a $25 "No Show Fee" for any patient not attending an appointment that has been scheduled or for any appointment that is cancelled within less than 24 hours of the time. This is typically not covered by insurance. IF A PATIENT MISSES THREE APPOINTMENTS IN A ROW OR HAS A TRACK RECORD OF NOT SHOWING UP FOR APPOINTMENTS CONSISTENTLY THEY WILL BE DISCHARGED FROM THE PRACTICE!!

Prescriptions: PLEASE bring all of your medications in the bottles to each office appointment. An accurate record of current medications is ESSENTIAL for appropriate care. Prescriptions should be written before you leave for any refills or new medications. Currently, we are not charging to refill prescriptions that are called in to the office but this policy may change at some point.

Inclement Weather Policy: If the Niles or Watervliet school districts cancel on the date of your appointment in either of the respective cities, the office will close as well. Calling the St. Joseph office is the appropriate way to inquire regarding closing issues during the week at that site.

Phone Calls: We try to answer all calls within 24-48 hours. If you have an emergency, go to the ER. If it is urgent but not emergent, you can reach the on call physician after hours at 269-542-2000 on the pager. Routine calls should be routed to the 269-985-0000 number. The Niles and Watervliet patients should also use this number as the satellite offices are not staffed aside from when the doctors are present.